Here you go ^_^!

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TERU ver.


YUKI ver.


deeply sorry how i don't have a the way....i DO have 2 of the same kamijo cards haha i'm willing to trade for a teru or a jasmine you or any other cards i don't have ^_^ !
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Kamijo and Teru Fanart <33

Kamijo <3 (i love it!)

Teru <3

-- i tried redrawing Hizaki....but he's REALLY hard to draw!!!! and then drawing Yuki was hard too!! and it doesn't meet my expectation!! so my goal is to draw both of them again until i love it to the MAX ^_^" i also realized Teru's eyes/lips are kinda weird but i was in a hurry cuz i had to leave the computer (=_=')

please comment!! <33

**edit** if you didn't see my first post/fanart of Jasmine You's here it is --  *~~click here~*

Fanart - Jasmine You <33

OK~ I've decided to draw Jasmine You on facebook using the "Graffiti"application...what's really worst was it doesn't have much tools!! So i had to spend lots of time drawing haha! BUT i'm really impressed with Jasmine you's image ^_^!! I drew Hizaki and Teru already but i'll post them later! But i really wanna see what you all think ^_^ *dances* sooooo happy with the results of the drawing!!!

Here it is!!~~

Comments are loved~~ please tell me what you all think ^_^ *happy*~~

very depressing >_

isn't weird how many....i mean "MANY" j-rock/visual kei bands don't come to Canada O_O!!!???

DAMMIT!!! COME TO CANADA!!! and come to edmonton!! (where there's the biggest mall in the world!! (unless if i'm wrong))
I really want to meet you guys and see you *cries*! omg
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plus I cut out their "profile" pictures right here




*TAKEHITO STREAKED HIS HAIR BLOND! (look at his blog *_*)



here I made icons...and I'm willing to share ^_^


(・θ・) It's sooo beautiful *_*!!!!
(・θ・) comment if taking & credit if posting anywhere please!
(・θ・) I cut out everything took a few hours but it's worth it ^_^!
・θ・) Anything wrong etcetc please tell me and any request you can ask me and i'll try my best!
(・θ・) enjoy!!
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Wow....the new post to SuG scans are here, and it's soooo pretty *_* So then i decided to make few graphics (T_T) sorry for not making more but then i decided to share haha

it's pretty simple but i love it <33
take some if you want ^_^
i also posted this at xsugx

(sorry i don't know i to do the graphics format T_T so i just lined them up like that)
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I FINALLY made screencaps of the "Making Of" Love Scream Party for everybody ^_^ hopefully everybody enjoys them!! (I KNOW YOU WILL =P cause i LOVE them *_*)

Takeru (78.86 MB)

DL: megaupload // sendspace

Masato (28.78 MB)

DL: megaupload // sendspace

Yuji (56.59 MB)

DL: megaupload // sendspace

Chiyu (53.64 MB)

DL: megaupload // sendspace

Mitsuru (23.01 MB)

DL: megaupload // sendspace

*ALL these files/pictures are saved as BMP. (sorry if they're not JPEG) files (T_T)
*please comment if taking ^_^
*please credit if your using it anywhere else ^_^
*you can use these screencaps for icons, logos or anything you like ^_^
(this is my first time posting something this BIG, so it's very special to hear from you guys ^_^)
*please don't claim it's yours (T_T) it took me over...2 WHOLE days to do ALL this (well..i took a break and more haha)
*please tell me if the link has expired...especially with sendspace!!
*and the last thing is....ENJOY \(^o^)/
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heh...this is quite disappointing

but....I STILL CAN'T USE LJ CUT or i still don't understand it!!! *cries*

i tried using the tutorial thingy
( and it didn't help at all (T_T)
hopefully somebody can help me (if somebody visits my page which i doubt will likely to happen *cries*)

thanks! ^_^

*EDIT* OK! nvm i figured it out (T_T) wow...but thanks for looking!
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